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Capturing Leads at Events

Users utilizing the Romify App can point their app at a visitor's badge or business card to capture all contact details in real time. This is followed by a set of qualifying questions to turn the lead truly actionable. All of it happens within seconds. From that point forward, the leads become accessible to the entire organization through automated lead routing and assignment.


Managing the Event Participation Cycle

Romify Hub serves as a central command for Marketing, helping teams stay on top of every event. For the first time, you can view all event participations and results in one consolidated location. Administrators can effortlessly coordinate new event engagements and provide floor staff with all the necessary tools. Following the event, results are channeled back to the same platform, streamlining the process for post-event analysis and processing.


Assign, Automate and Follow-up

Once the task of capturing lead details is complete, a world of opportunities opens up. Through Romify Hub and our Deep Integration Center, it is possible to automate the journey of each lead. You can decide if a lead should be directed to Marketing Automation or straight to Sales. Leads can be swiftly assigned to the appropriate users and queues, enabling follow-up actions to start just seconds after the lead was captured at the event.


Analyze ROI

All the results are consolidated in one central location, and Romify provides the tools needed to analyze the success. These insights make it easier to determine future event participations, prioritize budgets, and identify the winning shows. You can also monitor team performance across different events and discover which processes tend to yield better results.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We participate in dozens of events annually. Romify seamlessly captures leads and conversations from each one, instantly integrating them into our CRM.

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