Romify AI

Operating seamlessly within the Romify platform, Romify AI plays a vital role at every step of the process. Here are some of the capabilities of our AI:

  • Simply show any badge to the Romify App, and we will capture the contact details of the prospec. Works at any event around the globe.
  • Translate business cards from any language into digital information.
  • Manage complex scenarios of duplicate information, ensuring your leads are always organized and contain the most accurate information.


Romify Flows

Forms are impractical on mobile devices, particularly in the chaos of an event floor. Instead, Romify guides users to collect all crucial information through beautifully designed, mobile-first flows. Here are the top advantages of using Romify Flow:

  • Guides users in gathering crucial information
  • Customizable to align 100% with your organization's lead process.
  • Provides the quickest method for users to input information, even on the smallest screens.

Romify App

Our crown jewel, tailored to perfection for the busy event atmosphere. There is absolutely nothing stopping a user who is equipped with the Romify mobile app. Point it to any clue of contact information, and it will do the work for you. Highlights of Romify App:

  • Welcoming home screen for the event, keeping the whole team up to date
  • Several different ways to capture the contact details of a lead
  • Generate qualifying lead data from every conversation you have with customers.
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Romify Hub

Romify Hub is your command center for ensuring event success. View all your events—whether they’re planned, live, or completed—in one comprehensive overview, each accompanied by its respective results. Dive into any event to access comprehensive analytics and details, or set up your next show. In Romify Hub, you can also:

  • Get your team ready for upcoming events
  • Customize various Flows for different lead capture scenarios
  • Analyze the results and ROI of your events
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Romify Integrations

Romify can be linked with any CRM or Marketing Automation software available. You have complete control over the actions taking place in your connected systems. Navigate through duplicate rules, assign record types, and map Romify information to both standard and custom fields and records. Create additional records, like follow-up tasks, and choose without restrictions which information from Romify to include.

It's all possible, and entirely managed by you through the Romify Integration portal. Here's what you can do:

  • Integrate Romify with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot, and more
  • Map Romify information to the records and fields of your connected system
  • Set default values to be transferred via the integration
  • Add even more functionality with custom updates

What Our Clients Are Saying

We participate in dozens of events annually. Romify seamlessly captures leads and conversations from each one, instantly integrating them into our CRM.

Mikael Back