Event Lead Management Platform for Exhibitors

First AI driven Universal Event Lead Capture

Capture leads from Trade Shows and Conferences to CRM & Marketing Automation in real-time


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  • What is Romify?

    Romify is an Event Lead Management platform designed to help you take ownership of the tangible results arising from event participation. It assists you in capturing every encounter at every single Trade Show, Conference, or other types of events you partake in. We transform these encounters into digital leads, incorporating all the essential sales information. These leads can then be seamlessly transferred to your marketing automation and CRM systems for real-time assignment and follow-up.

    camera 1-1    Capture all of your event encounters systematically

    timeer-1    Assign, automate, and follow up on leads in real time

    analyze-1   Analyse the return on your event investment


    Introduction to the platform

    Romify’s proprietary AI, coupled with our patented Romify Flow™ technology, enables users to collect leads from visitor badges, business cards, and other sources without typing a single word. Leads are immediately forwarded to the Romify Event Hub for ROI analytics, and subsequently to your Marketing Automation or CRM for real-time follow-up.

    Mask group    Effortlessly scan badges from any event worldwide

    Mask group2    Guide users to gather crucial information according to your organization's lead process

    Mask group3    Seamlessly integrate with your Marketing Automation or CRM system

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    We participate in dozens of events annually. Romify seamlessly captures leads and conversations from each one, instantly integrating them into our CRM.

    Mikael Back